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Guardian Kayden by  Tethyka Rinehart

Infinite Strike by Izzybloom91

Bloody Banshee by Ellrin

Karamador by Ilesarki

The Dark Children of the Night by Ryza Cobalion

Desio Jokoa by C.L.G

Spring Festival 2023 Collab "Airplane Panel"

Samurai poster art by Tethyka Rinehart

**Embark on a Journey of Creativity and Camaraderie!**  

Prepare to hoist your creative flags and set sail on a thrilling journey that transcends both ink and word! This August 14th, 2023, at 10AM PST, the Artists & Authors United community is embarking on a daring pirate adventure unlike any before. 
Mysteries, challenges, and endless creativity await on the treacherous high seas of our Discord server. Unite with fellow artists and writers, battle fierce rivals, and discover the hidden lore of an ancient treasure that calls for you.

Read more about it here on the official announcement page!

Want to join in? Apply to join the Discord server today!

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We are a community of artists and authors who thrive in a positive environment of encouragers who support one another in collaboration and creativity. We are based on a Discord server that has been open for joining as of March 2023.

Our work is primarily on Tapas—but also on Webtoons, Royal Road, Global Comix, Rainobu, and Wattpad.

We are all about encouraging and supporting one another in every way that we can to help each other thrive with our projects and get our work out there for an audience to thoroughly enjoy.

Please take the time to discover our projects, and if you are a creative mind yourself and have your own project and could see yourself amongst us, head over to the contact page and send us a message requesting to join!


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