AAU consent form

**Artists & Authors United (AAU) Consent Policy**


By submitting your artwork for collaborative or themed events at AAU, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. **Use of Submitted Artwork**: By submitting your chibi or full-body artwork, you consent to allow AAU to print and use it as part of our limited edition print runs, including but not limited to prints, stickers, posters, and art books. Additionally, your artwork may be used for online promotional purposes on our official website and across our social media platforms. Your work and your character, still belong exclusively to you. AAU promotions also help promote you individually!

1.A **Use of Stickers**: By submitting your server stickers to the AAU Discord server, upon acceptance of said sticker, you give us permission to print and repost them on our physical and public platforms including the official website and social medias.


2. **Funding and Compensation**: You understand that the use of your submitted artwork into collabs helps fund the server, and provides compensation for the administrative staff for their labor spent on these projects for everyone to enjoy (Such as hours of work in background creation and missing real work to put together the whole event for you.) It also goes for in-house printing (It gets expensive for us!).Your participation contributes to the continuation and future of the server and our collaborations. As compensation for your submission, your artwork is put into professional print and shared across social media in official AAU advertisement, putting your work further into the public eye, and promoting you and your work with a big spotlight in return! Your art and your characters still belong exclusively to you.


3. **Artwork Credit**: You understand that you MUST submit the URL of your work with your chibi or full-body submission for proper credit. As in, submit this information that will link back to you IN the same channel and WITH the upload of your chibi/full body submission. We will create a QR code for easy access to your work. Your work still belongs exclusively to you and will be linked back to you wherever it is promoted and used-- with the information that you provide.


4. **Use of Characters**: By submitting your character into our themed events, you consent to allow other members to upload fanart for you of your character's likeness in their own illustrations, for example; our themed events and fanart events. You also consent to allow the admins at AAU to repost the work publicly on various platforms such as the official website, Tapas official special comics, and social media for promotional purposes. Your character still completely belongs to you, and you alone. Our promotions help the AAU grow, as well as spread your work and your name out there for all to see!—And always linked back to you for credit.


5. **Respect for Characters**: As a participant, you must respect other members' MCs (Main Characters) and portray them in a respectable light. You must also adhere to the server rules (view rules here) when portraying your own character and others' characters. If the admins find that these rules have not been respected, the offending work will be removed, and you will receive a formal warning. With all fanart you make of another person’s character you must submit credit—the creators name, in the upload of your fanart. Remember, when receiving a fanart of your character, it is a gift and should be acknowledged positively when someone spends their hard-earned time and effort to create something for you. Being gracious and saying a heartfelt “thank you” upon receiving a fanart of your character fosters a respectful, and grateful environment and encourages artists to do more fanart for you in the future!

If you are unsure of any rules surrounding your work, you can read our rules page or feel free to contact an Admin with your questions, we will be happy to answer you!


6. **Information and Accreditation**: All submitted information must be current as per the submission deadline and cannot be changed once submitted. AAU cannot be held liable for any misprints or errors in public accreditation if the submitted information is not kept current by you, at the time of your submission.


By signing your name, AAU Discord server name, and email below, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, consenting to all terms outlined in this document. This information is kept confidential for our records.


Thank you for your participation and consent!