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Thinking about joining the server?

Please read the rules posted below:

Administrators and Moderaters can be reached by the

Red, Blue, or Purple names

By submitting this form you acknowledge the rules and will abide by them.

To be a part of this community you have to ACTIVELY take part in the server whether posting in general or updating in the WIP, something and be interested in other creators’ works as well as your own.

**This is a supportive and nurturing environment where we can all come to create together and encourage one another.** Anything less will not be tolerated. *Keep in mind this does not mean you have to post daily or weekly, but at least often enough to be considered a member. (We want to make sure our members are still alive, lol.)
You don’t have to literally go into every creator channel, but at least look around and take interest in a few. This could be a great opportunity to get to know fellow creators as well as collaborate—something we foster here at the AAU.



**These rules may vary at any time. Moderators reserve the right to warn. You will only get two warnings before a ban will be put in place.**

• Must be over 18

•  This is an **ENGLISH** speaking server only. It is okay to use a phrase every know in again such as “Nani?” or “Que?” but complete conversations in other languages are not allowed. *We cannot moderate in other languages therefore it must remain in English.*

• Listen and be respectful to server staff at all times so this can be a fun place for everyone.
You **must** be able to accept DMs from admins and mods! 

•  Do not impersonate developers, moderators, or other users. INSTANT BAN

• Do not share the invite link to the server. - If you are found to have made it in without consent of the admins, you will be kicked from the server and made to re-apply like everyone here!

• Be polite, courteous, and respectful—we are striving to be a close-knit community with respect for all individuals and their stories.

• Criticism will not be tolerated unless it is asked for, it **MUST** be constructive criticism. Must be in the critique channel only.

• Keep swearing to a minimal, no "F bombs" or "G D bombs"

• No harassment/toxic dialogue/racial slurs/hate speech will not be tolerated in any way. INSTANT BAN
• **No insulting creators and their works and their characters.
(We will not tolerate bullies.) INSTANT BAN
*In any fanart or crossover fanarts, you must respect other members' MCs (Main Characters) and portray them in a respectable light. You must also adhere to the server rules when portraying your own character and others' characters. 
If the admins find that these rules have not been respected, the offending work will be removed, and you will receive an official warning.

• No promoting in #general - That is what **Creator Channels** and #self-promotion  are for.
If you are found to do ONLY promoting during your stay here, you will be warned twice before being banned—this is not a fan server or just a blatant advertisement-only environment.

•  **Do NOT use the @ everyone command or any other moderator command.

**NO PROMOTION OF OUTSIDE DISCORD SERVER.** Do NOT solicit in DM to ANYONE either! This is considered harassment unless they ASK you about it, do NOT promote it openly.

• We no longer allow NSFW on our server ASIDE from **pinups or suggestive artwork ONLY** If it is nude, it must have the spoiler tag/obscured from first glance. This is to maintain a comfortable environment we can all safely navigate while enjoying our stay here. 

• To participate in collabs and events, you MUST sign the **consent form** to join the channel. Please go here to sign it digitally: Click here to view/sign the consent form.

🚩 -Any rule breached at any time will result in an official warning. 
🚩🚩-There are two official warnings before a permanent ban is put in place.

✨ If you are unsure of any of these rules or would like clarification, please do not hesitate to inqire with a mod or admin  (blue names / red names). 

If someone is bullying you or breaking the rules, **please DM a moderator**
(@Squire, @Guardian)

All that being said, now go forth and create!!