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Artwork by Tethyka Rinehart

Wednesday May 31st 2023

**Summer Festival 2023 is coming!!**
This includes our monthly collabs as well as our new themed event: **Water theme** !!
Similar to the Cherry Blossom Samurai event with the incentive to create crossover fanart. There will be a crossover fanart reward for all members who participate similar to the one in the works of the samurai one currently being done.

Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to get your feet wet (hypothetically) on **June 4th at 10:00 PST** for our chibi collab announcement when we open up the claims!

*The new format of the collab channels will be different this time, so heads up! There will be a slight learning curve, but it will be in the best interest for every member involved to find the stencils and claim a lot easier going forward!

See you all at the beach! :AAUInsignia:

 - The Admins at the AAU

AAU Discord server presents:

It’s that time of year—summer! Time to go to the beach and have some fun!

Deadline: This is going to go throughout the whole of summer from June 4th through August 31st! There will be sub-themes updated every few weeks to keep it interesting, so keep your eyes peeled!

 - Illustrate your MC enjoying summer at a water-themed event. *This does not mean you HAVE to illustrate the water itself! For example: A beach shot doesn’t have to include the water in the shot.

Activities include:
🌊  - Volley ball

🌊  - Squirt guns

🌊  - Sand building

🌊  - Bonfire at night

🌊  - Sport Fishing

🌊  - Snorkeling underwater

🌊  - Sand combing

🌊  - Dolphin riding

🌊  - Jet skis

... Just to name a few!

If you are giving Crossover Fanart to another person you need to Respect the other MC your are either clashing up with or teaming up with.

Anything ocean/beach related that is within the rules of the server + Tapas content guidelines!
Such as:

🛇 - No nipples! (sorry guys!)
🛇  - No FULL nudity!
🛇  - NO GORE!
🛇  - NO BLOOD!
 - Respectfully depict all MCs including your own and everyone else's you illustrate!
 - **If you're doing crossovers you can post the results in social media but cannot sell digital goods of the work! **
*We are able to because we sell physical prints that cost to make and ship!

AAU is okay with Gore and/or Sexual content when it comes to your OWN work. (Solo work) But in **THIS** event it is not welcome. Our events must be SFW - Safe for work because we post it everywhere.

If We see Abuse of any kind of the MC in the crossover it will immediately be taken down!

**Kick it up a notch - feature them in a crossover fanart with another MC participating in a beach or ocean event!!**__

The top three members with the most fanart crossovers will get a limited edition print at the end of the event!*

*There's a possibility that the MCs featured in this event will be featured in fanart crossovers! Submit yours today and join in the fun!*

If you have any questions about this, let us any of the Admins know - we would be happy to help you out with your answers.

Thank you for your time!

Let’s get into the water! 🌊

 - The Admins at the AAU

Sunday June 4th 2023

We have two very important announcements in regards to the events and collaborations on the server!

Announcement #1: We will be making physical goods based off of our collabs and special events, such as end of the year collab artbooks/posters/stickers, etc. This is important for all members who participate in these special events. For this reason, we will be needing to require all future collab participants to sign a consent form, giving us nothing but the permission to print the collab you were a part of (with all credit given to you.)

Announcement #2: We will be requiring to charge money for goods such as artbooks, and in the near future we will be offering a Subscription service that will allow subscribers to participate in more awesome published events! So please read below for our motives and intentions:

When we charge for anything at all, such as printing and shipping materials like prints, posters, stickers, and artbooks, or subscription services, all of that money goes directly back into maintaining and growing our server on Discord, which is called Artists & Authors United.

Why do we need this money? Well, running a server isn't free (Approximately, the admins have already paid around $500 a year.) There are costs involved, and the money we make helps cover those. Additionally, it also goes towards compensating the admins who put in a ton of work and time to make all the cool stuff we do possible.

Think about the collabs we do - both the chibi and full body ones. Each of these requires countless HOURS of work. There's the background illustration, the stencil, the GIF, the video, and then all the promotions.

As the server grows, the hours involved in these special events have accumulated into a full time job (which we do for you all happily!) but in order to have the ability to keep doing it for you and still be able to put egg in our ramen and sleeping bags in our hobo tents, we need to have the ability to charge for SOME things. And let's not forget about all the work that goes into the printed materials, most of which is done in-house.

This isn't something that just happens. It requires a lot of time, care, and effort. Here's the important part: we're not trying to make a fortune off of the artists who contribute their work. Not at all. The money we make is just enough to compensate for the labor and time it takes to organize and produce these events and collabs. And our hobo tents. We want to continue offering these opportunities, and the money we make helps us do that.

To summarize what we’re trying to say quickly here: the amount of time put into collabs and events, has taken time away from real job adulting stuff, which sadly, we need. It also helps us cover the costs of running the server and allows us to grow, so more people can participate and enjoy all the awesome stuff we do.

So, in short, when you buy something from us or become a subscriber (which is all optional), you're not just getting a cool piece of artwork commemorated for all time and space. You're also helping support a community of artists and authors and allowing us to continue creating and sharing your work and ours. It's a win-win! This all being said, we will be calling out for all current information that lets us credit your work. We are going to ask for business cards/linktree URLs so that we can link to ALL of your work, not just your series on Tapas/Webtoon! This way, you can get the full credit you all deserve for submitting your work.

Please note: you are NOT signing away your character, your series, your story, or anything that belongs to you! Everything we print is still copyrighted to you!—All you are signing is that you give us permission to put you in print. This is one of the ultimate forms of networking and getting your name out there in actual print as well as our social medias and website.

*We will be rolling out consent forms and retroactive consent forms that allow us to have permission to print and advertise.

That being said, we have made the decision for the sake of the labor involved to only allow members who consent to enter our collabs and events from June 1st 2023 and on forward. This way, we do not have to commit hours of more labor to replace the chibis/full bodies or event artwork for those who do not consent. We spend a lot of time making these events with lots of care and attention. We want everyone to have fun and get the maximum exposure possible, with the goal of this server to promote you and your creative minds---the more your name and work is out there, it is potentially more for your audience and viewership to grow. Please consider this carefully and if you are still interested in joining in our events from June forward, consider signing the consent forms when they are released. *This does not pertain to the MerMay event unless you willingly let us print your artwork. You will need to sign the special retroactive consent form to allow us permission to do this.


We want to be upfront about our actions and take accountability for them so we may show you our hearts and intentions in this matter 110%. We want every member of this server to thrive and be successful in their endeavors, and this is a step we believe will take us further into that direction. If you decide to sign the consent form, at no cost to you—we will put your work into a physical printed artbook with full credits on your characters in the collab given solely and exclusively to you—along with everything you give us that directs people who see it, straight to you and all of your works! Being featured in any way in an actual printed artbook, is a very professional step. We truly want to give everyone here the opportunity (to the best of our financial ability) to be able to tell people… that you’re in print!

As for becoming a subscriber: It is entirely optional! We will give you more updates before this happens as we iron everything out, but so far it has been decided that subscribers will get to enjoy more event perks that will only be available to them, such as our full body collabs because they do take considerably more time and effort. **Chibi collabs will ALWAYS be free to everyone!** More on Subscribership is coming as it develops! We want to make sure that you benefit more than we do. We just need our hobo tents.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact @Tethyka about them. We value honesty, transparency, and integrity, so any and all questions are welcome. 😊 We are so excited for you and for the future of this server to see where these promotional ideas lead!! As always and in everything we do—we put you and your creative growth first, and do what we do with you in mind.

Monday May 29th 2023

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